Since 2015,  Detroit Speaks has taken an innovative approach to making a difference in the lives of youth in Metropolitan-Detroit.  


Our vision

The vision of Detroit Speaks is to acknowledge the accomplishments of young Detroiters and provide youth with the resources to excel in their personal endeavors. Detroit Speaks seeks to give young people the opportunity to find their voice, amidst all of the pressures that comes along with making college and career decisions.

Detroit Speaks would like to be a source to anyone who is looking pursue higher education or ready to jump into the workforce.
— Brianna R. Alexander, Co-Founder & CEO of Detroit Speaks, Inc.


Innovation - We provide students and volunteers with unique opportunities to make a positive impact in the City of Detroit.

Community - Our organization promotes community involvement in all aspects, and teaches individuals how to best dedicate their time, talents, and treasure to those in need.  

Scholarship - We provide resources for students to achieve and succeed in high school, college, and personal business endeavors.