detroit speaks - College and career center (9th & 10th grades)

  • Develop good study habits. Colleges look at your grades from 9th grade and on.

  • Monitor your GPA. Track regularly

  • Meet with your school counselor. Ask what you can be doing and how to make a plan for staying on track to graduate, and to get accepted to college.

  • Start talking. Ask family members, teachers and trusted adults about their college experiences and career goals. Learn all you can! Identify any areas of interest you have, and think about what you can do now to get started (internships, extra-curricular, networking opportunities?).

  • Get involved! Colleges want well-rounded students, so join a sports team, develop a hobby/skill/talent, or get a job. And always volunteer! Look for leadership opportunities especially.

  • Consider advanced or alternative schoolwork. Can you sign up for an AP course, IB course, or dual enrollment to get some college credit?

  • College Fairs. Attend these throughout high school to learn as much as you can about your options!